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Flower child

Yesterday during errands, Abby picked up this flower that had fallen on the sidewalk outside of Michaels. She carried it with her all day, even to the boys' school pick up.

Today we have a crazy day, but so far, Kerri and Kate popped by, we had Cooper over this morning, brought everyone including Abby to school, picked up everyone including Cooper from school and had lunch. This afternoon we are so excited GramsZ is coming over to play with us so that Mom can go to Garden Wonders, a math and science two day event at the boys' school :)

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Avatar donnad

Donnad On 22/05/2013

OK Mama - hope you take some pics and learn some math and science !! I think maybe Abby needs to plant some flowers. Or...maybe Aiden will just grow some for her :)

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Egroves403 On 22/05/2013

Love your flower vase..Wow POOR Mamma had a very busy day..And MORE to come.

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