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Before and After

Andrew was able to flip his tooth outside of his lips yesterday (just to gross Nini out) and last night I got home from a meeting for Relay for Life and Andrew's tooth had just fallen out!!! It is actually the opposite of Tyler now that one of Tyler's top ones came in, but Andrew's other top and one bottom are super duper loose! This Tooth Fairy needs a job :)

Today we are so excited Papi is here. They are playing this morning and the boys are reading Papi tons of books. Abby is playing board games. And then later the boys have school and Abby and Papi are going to storytime!

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Avatar katiez43085

Katiez43085 On 29/01/2013

this picture makes me wiggle in my seat! eeee!

Avatar donnad

Donnad On 25/01/2013

That tooth fairy is on double time with you boys. I can see how happy Andrew is !!!

Avatar egroves403

Egroves403 On 24/01/2013

NINI agrees SO SO Handsome he is

Avatar melissagroves

Melissagroves On 24/01/2013

Super handsome, no many how many teeth you have! Still the BEST smiler! xoxo Auntie Sassa

Avatar egroves403

Egroves403 On 24/01/2013

Yes NINI was grossed out he looked like a Bat.
Glad it is out.
Have FUN With PAPI

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