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village d'Alfred general - CTAAA - Octobre 2003


On March 05 2013 at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 3 Views

Digital camera : Sony / Cyber-shot 3.3

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Rayashukr1 On 19/03/2013

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    Anything and everything pertaining 3D photography, holograms, stereoscope photography, fish-eye lens, wide-angle lens, tilt/shift lens, macro lens, pin-hole techniques, filters of all sort in general.
    Mostly 3D photography and stereoscopes, special effect lenses, filter of all type, sorts and makes.
    i3D software can be downloaded, and it is free, does not cost a pretty penny.
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    A gravidez de uma mulher é sempre um momento mágico, para ela e para todos que estão a sua volta.Compartilhe esse momento com a gente, este flog é dedicado a mostrar fotos de mulheres grávidas ou com seus filhos.

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