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Madonna and Child.with Cherubin

Robbia, Andrea della (sculptor), Florentine, 1435-1525.. Glazed terracotta , ca. 1485..

"The half-length treatment of the Virgin brings us close to the figures, whose attitudes combine tenderness and solemnity. The Virgin holds the Child gently, her forehead grazing his hair. The child rests his left arm against her chest and clutches her left hand, as he clings to a corner of her veil. Yet for all their physical closeness, they do not look at each other, and their expressions are grave. The Virgin's downcast gaze suggests meditation on the child's fate. The child turns his face toward the world, but his eyes, with pupils drifting upward, also suggest contemplation. Their thoughts seem to converge on the same sorrowful theme: the coming Passion and death of Christ."

Andrea della Robbia Florence Madonna and child National Gallery of Renaissance terracotta

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Lacugna On 07/03/2014

Wonderful! I have a Donatello of Luke the Evangelist in Florence on my fotolog! And also Pope John Paul at the Basilica of Guadalupe, Mexico City

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