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Taybeh, West Bank; September 2006. Photo by: Shabtai Gold.

Nadim Khoury, general manager and owner of Taybeh Beer, offering up a cold one during the annual Palestine Beer Festival.

<A HREF="http://www.taybehbeer.net" TARGET=_top>http://www.taybehbeer.net</A>

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Kavinrachel On 20/08/2009

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Najla86 On 31/01/2008

Very interesting flog.

About the question of /jerusalem... That word, with shadda means the verb who describes the sound of the wind, or the sound of a bullet in the wind (not a shot)

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Ivaneitor85 On 22/11/2007


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_asesinos_ On 02/07/2007


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Matisyahuu On 17/02/2007

You're the son of his majestyRemember how it used to beIn the light of day it's easy to seeNow it's nighttimeYou had to leaveWARRIORBless & Good Vibrations• JERUSALEM •

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Regrazero On 02/01/2007

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Persiangulf_cat On 04/11/2006


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Velvetart On 22/10/2006

I don't think it means anything. I mean, it is not a word in Arabic as far as I know.

Avatar jerusalem

Jerusalem On 20/10/2006

what does this say? <A HREF="http://www.fotolog.com/jerusalem/?pid=14987605" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.com/jerusalem/?pid=14987605</A>

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May_dcj On 20/09/2006

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Kacox On 20/09/2006

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