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female - 13/05/1993 (23 years old)
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merlo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    [b]Español:[/B]en este fotolog puedes subir fotos tuyas tomadas por ti mismo y en donde solo salgas Tu, muestra esa técnica al tomarte las fotos y conoce otros usuarios fotolog con tus mismos gustos

    [B]English:[/B]in this fotolog u can upload ur own photos takn by urself n where u leave ur pics n shows this technique 2 take photos n meet other ppl with da same liks in fotolog obviously

    [B]Portuges:[/B]neste fotolog pode carregar suas próprias fotos tiradas por você mesmo

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    This group is about to share the latest fashion you have in your country or around the world, Share us your hairstyle with streaks or dye hair

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