27th Apr 2008

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    1. Emma Watson 18th Birthday Party Katie looked stunning on Emma's birthday party, love her clothes and how she looks. I also like the fact that she went to the bday party because it shows that they are good friends! News: JKR & other children's author's urge action to protect children in Darfur "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling is one of 14 children's author's who have written an open letter to the world demanding international action on behave of the children of Darfur. On the eve of the 'Global Day for Darfur' Ms. Rowling is joined in her plea by Judy Blume, R.L. Stine and others to bring attention in "demanding an immediate ceasefire, full deployment of the U.N. peacekeeping force, action against anyone blocking deployment and support for a just peace process." http://hpana.com/news.20419.html New news on 'Half-Blood Prince' filming Some new filming news on the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" movie has appeared online which details that construction started this week on the cloisters and gardens of Gloucester Cathedral and that Malfoy's house is under construction. Also a report from a visit to the set in early March indicates that an important book scene has already been filmed. http://hpana.com/news.20418.html JKR receives outstanding achievement award at Galaxy British Book Awards Earlier in London today "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling attended the Galaxy British Book Awards show where she received the Outstanding Achievement Award. http://hpana.com/news.20417.html Win a chance to review 'Tales of the Beedle the Bard' in London from Amazon Last December we told you that Amazon had purchased J.K. Rowling's "Tales of the Beedle the Bard" for £1,950,000 ($3,980,128.89). Now they are giving fans a chance to review the book for a weekend in a writing contest. Update: Amazon answers the question as to why fans from certain countries are only allowed to enter the contest. http://hpana.com/news.20416.html Radcliffe & Griffiths Broadway dates set for September "Harry Potter" actors Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe are set to reprise their roles in "Equus" on Broadway this year and the dates have been announced. http://hpana.com/news.20415.html http://hpana.com http://hpana.com A http://www.fotolog.com/high_sm

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