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Saturn and Spica

My fourth planet of the night, at the moment making a first magnitude pair with bright Spica in Virgo. You can see red Mars higher up to the right. The rectangle of stars at the bottom is Corvus the Crow.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to see Mercury before dawn, so no prize for me.

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V3getableman On 28/12/2011

Well, my aim was to see and photograph five planets in one night. The opportunity doesn't come along very often, although we get another chance at the end of Feb - early March 2012. This is when Mercury 'pops out' again as an evening star.

As luck would have it, I did spot Mercury this morning in binoculars at around 8.10 Spanish time (CET) so I at least saw 5 planets.

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Unami_go On 27/12/2011

Great series, David!! Hope you had a nice and starry Christmas!

Here we had not so many clear nights, unfortunately. No snow, no winter. And no stars...

hugs, ERwin



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