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Evening sky over Holstebro

Oh, great! Looks like I am able to upload to our group again! Took this picture about one hour ago, looking west. Orion, Taurus, Plajades and the bright planets Venus and Jupiter are visible.

Really happy to be back here! Nevertheless I still don't understand, why Fotolog made all this mess!

hugs from ERwin

On March 21 2012 (sent by unami_go) at Denmark 9 Views

Avatar theskyatnight

Theskyatnight On 21/03/2012

Hahaha! That's great, ERwin.

I've been out trying to take a pic, but not nearly as good as this.

I went to the settings page, everything was OK, so I clicked on 'save' - maybe that did the trick.

Sorry I've been so inactive recently.
Still rather cold here, but perhaps the arrival of spring will mean better weather.



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