Avatar stanleverage

here's one that i reworked... i am happy with it now... better than random acts of violence in the streets...

On April 22 2007 8 Views

Avatar torekwcr

Torekwcr On 29/05/2007

love it.nice one

Avatar rollingfever

Rollingfever On 29/04/2007

super chanmé !!

Avatar danithomas

Danithomas On 29/04/2007

really nice paintings! add

Avatar theteddybearshow

Theteddybearshow On 25/04/2007

ce dessin me parle "pond-pieds" ou peu etre "bridg-food" ou alors l'inverse 'tunel-vol"

Avatar theteddybearshow

Theteddybearshow On 23/04/2007

extra-sensorielépoustouflant rantanplan je suis sur le cul a l'envers bien sur

Avatar solotalent

Solotalent On 23/04/2007

this one is wonderfull

Avatar lukasbeker

Lukasbeker On 23/04/2007

yeah I must agree... very hard !!!!

Avatar fugazonerok

Fugazonerok On 23/04/2007

wery hard stuff!

Avatar wastoids

Wastoids On 22/04/2007


Avatar nothinginside

Nothinginside On 22/04/2007

send you you flicks soon...been all over the place...but slowing down for a month

Avatar bloke2

Bloke2 On 22/04/2007

ke chingon!!!saludos de Mexico compa!

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