Avatar stanleverage

this is like, 2003.... me with a painting of myself as a baby... which i am. i should really learn to grow up im such a fucking baby.

On April 04 2007 10 Views

Avatar ifyouforgetme

Ifyouforgetme On 06/05/2007

maybe u r a baby....but u r an amazing artist for sureim really amazed about your work...

Avatar kissaki

Kissaki On 10/04/2007

Tienes wenos trabajos ;)Saludos

Avatar peru143

Peru143 On 09/04/2007

fuck growing upim more for peter panisms:

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ei guy,,,are you the bastard son of Wolverine??????

Avatar 351073

351073 On 05/04/2007

hallo! i really like your stuff, fkn rad.especially 26/02good jobcheers

Avatar eoxoner

Eoxoner On 05/04/2007

bigga artist,,,,,,!!!!!!!and i have curiosity to see your work with spray/aerosol, greetings from barcelona,bye!!

Avatar gingeralenova00

Gingeralenova00 On 04/04/2007

que buenos trabajos!!! que tema esto de madurar...

Avatar cuadrito_life

Cuadrito_life On 04/04/2007

muy chidas todas tus pics estan con madre.

Avatar sunshiinee

Sunshiinee On 04/04/2007

(L) your photos

Avatar artwarshit

Artwarshit On 04/04/2007

Great workNever grow up!

Avatar jopaucho

Jopaucho On 04/04/2007

funky shit!!greets from sweden!

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