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However I feel like a Renaissance is happening to me right now. Now hat I'm done with school for the 1st time ever in five years I have something called free time. And I don't know what to do with it. So I try to learn a lot of things. But I'm not consistent, I get hype then get bored very quickly. Then honestly sometimes I do nothing. I just sit on my bed and scroll through instagram. And this is why I wrote (or copied) that piece about FOMO (fear of missing out.)

I want to be simple but I want to also experience all these things in this magnificent world. Every week that we look forward to the weekends we don't know that our life is deteriorating. I feel my body is different,my face is different, my eyes are different. Not in aging so much but look at my eyes seven years ago to now. Have look...

It is different. Because I've been through a lot, not more than any other person but from what I'm accustomed to. I had to fight a lot,take a lot of NO,deal with heartbreak and family loss. My eyes are different,they aren't as childlike bright anymore. I hide a lot too because I'm afraid of life, I want to experience things but I'm afraid I will experience it and it will change me for the worse. You can never go back again after the worse.

They say a man's face at 45 will show you his life. Mine definitely will. I have to stop being afraid & give things a chance. Easier said and done because you know what, I'm an introvert.

Another great excuse.

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