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Carmine Street Series #2
Carmine Street Tour begins here: <A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?pid=7957089" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?pid=7957089</A>
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What is there to say. It’s an ice cream shop like every other Haagen Dazs ice cream shop. Since childhood, I have considered ice cream to be one of the seven basic food groups and as ice cream goes, Haagen Dazs is right up there close to nirvana. These days there are many choices of toppings and varieties of milkshakes in the Haagen Dazs shops, but unfortunately for them, in my neighborhood there is a local brand of ice cream (and sorbet) that will spoil you forever and it’s just around the corner, only three short blocks away on Bleecker Street. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, don’t miss Cones: <A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=7686740" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=7686740</A>

On July 16 2004 12 Views

Avatar storyville

Storyville On 20/07/2004

these are nice little slices of life : - )

Avatar secrettweeker

Secrettweeker On 20/07/2004

great shot now i want ice cream...

Avatar bandman

Bandman On 18/07/2004

I have known Haagen Dazs and I have known Better Dazs as well. I satisfy myself with salads with zero calorie dressing these days and have lost 45 pounds and feel better than I have in ages. The quick fix of ice cream has been sacrificed for the long-term gain of looking younger and feeling healthier. Now I am mistaken for Rachel`s father. My goal is to be mistaken for her brother!

Avatar zinetv

Zinetv On 18/07/2004

I actually walked Carmine Street last Saturday to get a preview of what you might post. Carmine Street changes more than most Village streets. The commercial landmarks I knew from the early seventies are mostly gone. But oddly enough, even though it haschanged, it still "feels" the same.

Avatar williambernthal

Williambernthal On 16/07/2004

Hi Ronni -- I`ve been hopping around Bleecker street on your flog for a while, but I`d missed the Cones encomium ... i`ll have to make a trip there soon. The best ice cream I`ve had thus far in New York was from Custard`s Last Stand which had stores in the World Financial Center Winter Garden before 9/11, on eighth street for a while and then at Grand Central but appears now to have fled the city altogether.

Avatar yolima

Yolima On 16/07/2004

Hello Ronni, you are back. How are you?It seems like you were gone for quite a while.Nice to have you back. Now i am leaving tomorrow for 2 whole weeks. Camera yes, but no computer!

Avatar hamlet

Hamlet On 16/07/2004

And we`re off!

Avatar go2mo

Go2mo On 16/07/2004

What a very low key Haagen Dazs! We`ve got a couple of them here, but they are quite fancy. I love their ice creams. :-)

Avatar pellegrini

Pellegrini On 16/07/2004


Avatar bdawg

Bdawg On 16/07/2004

great series you got going on there!


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