14th Jul 2004

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    1. Carmine Street Series #1 Welcome to the Carmine Street Tour, a companion to the previous Bleecker Street Tour. As you can see on the map, Carmine is a short street, just two and a half blocks between Seventh Avenue South and Sixth Avenue (also known as Avenue of the Americas). Tip to tourists: Although we natives are aware that New York City would not be nearly as vibrant and exciting without you, we also have a bit of disdain for those who don’t know our ways. We consider “Avenue of the Americas” to be a municipal designation of monumental pomposity, not to mention too much of a mouthful. You will fit right in – and taxi drivers won’t sneer – if you call it Sixth Avenue. Sixth Avenue is that big green stripe on the map, running north/south. Carmine Street begins at that intersection. The Tour will follow along the northwest side of the street to Seventh Avenue. Then we will reverse direction and return to Sixth Avenue along the southeast side of Carmine. Note that Carmine crosses Bleecker at the point where we began that tour [ http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=6907957 ] several months ago. (Ignore that big red star. This is an old map that`s been marked up a lot.)

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