10th Jul 2004

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    1. Bleecker Street Series #56 Bleecker Street Tour begins here: http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=6907957 Bleecker Street Map is here: http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=7695350 And now, we have come to the end of the Bleecker Street Tour. Having traveled full circle, we are looking at the other side of Joe’s Pizza - the first shop on the tour [ http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=6907957 ]- from the vantage point this time of Father Demo Square. During our walk, two shops - Mona Lisa restaurant [http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=7677983 ] and Zito’s Bakery [http://www.fotolog.net/ronni/?photo_id=7803654 ] – have closed and I lament the demise of both. Even with Our Lady of Pompeii Church taking up an entire block on one side of Bleecker, we have visited 53 individual locations. I’m surprised. No way when I started would I have guessed there are so many. Even so, the neighborhood would make good use of a trustworthy fish market, a liquor and wine shop, a real deli that roasts chickens every day. A French bistro would be nice too. I long for a traditional croque monsieur with a good bottle of rouge which I can get only at the far north end of Greenwich Avenue – a bit too far to make it a regular. And without Zito`s, we NEED a bread bakery. Nevertheless, my little corner of the Big Apple is my favorite place in all of New York City. I like the small-town feel and attitude here, and I still have, no more than a few minutes away, all the glitz, glitter and culture, high and low, of a world-class city. Thank you for coming with me on this little walk. Your comments have have been inspiring and made it so much more interesting than it would have been without them. STAY TUNED FOR "THE CARMINE STREET TOUR" BEGINNING HERE ANY DAY NOW.

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