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Yolima On 28/02/2004

Hi Ronni, thanks for your comment. It is so hard to decide on one`s own pictures. I do like that particular figure in the snow. I have two more of her; the long coat and the long hair, one can project all kids of fantaties into it. Perhaps you could expand on how fotolog inititiates a whole new way of communication across geographical and cultural boundaries. One of the young Dutch floggers came back recently profoundly shaken by his experiences of meeting a Brazilian flogger with whom he hada widely exposed virtual romance...I guess the reality he encountered was so much more than he had anticipated from exchanging photos, chats etc. I know from another friend a similar story although it had nothing to do with romantic expectations. It is just so interesting how we created our idea about a person based on the images they choose to show us....

Avatar kacimari

Kacimari On 27/02/2004

ow darling... darling... stand by me... ow now now stand by me... =o) eh a unica coisa q eu sei dizer em ingles hauhauahuiah

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Patty_gui On 27/02/2004

liked your city name.. i`ve lived in the USA last year as an exchange student and i learned all about greenwich stories ;)

Avatar angelissima

Angelissima On 27/02/2004

is this a litolog?


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