Avatar dieidie

Dieidie On 21/02/2004

hello!td good?

Avatar boogers

Boogers On 14/02/2004

Happy Valentine`s Day!

Avatar joop

Joop On 13/02/2004

Reviens Ronni, crisis is over.The system is still a bit shaky, but much better.Better enjoy it while it lasts!Paw from Joop

Avatar sylvia

Sylvia On 13/02/2004

it`s well .... it`s better. Not right, but it`s better. Tolerable, at least :)

Avatar mrsdeen

Mrsdeen On 12/02/2004

Ronni, I miss you!

Avatar ribena

Ribena On 09/02/2004

ronni--I`ve so missed you. I`m glad you were able to sneak in a comment today; it really cheered me.

Avatar joop

Joop On 08/02/2004

Hello Ronni,We understand your decision, of course, many people are at the same point. Maybe we should all do this.But hey, let`s not say adieu, let`s say au revoir. I`m still ready to give Fotolog a new chance as soon as they manage to get the show back on the road for more than a few hours or days. Till then we`re going to do better things with our time too, just like you.Take care!Joop & Henk

Avatar av_producer

Av_producer On 08/02/2004

No better way to start the day than a note form you! Seems so long ago when youe daily installment sat with coffee, yogurt and granola.Hope your stove is keeping you warm.

Avatar trchambers

Trchambers On 07/02/2004

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Avatar notquite

Notquite On 06/02/2004

Thanks for putting this "on the record" at notquite. How agonizing.

Avatar zinetv

Zinetv On 05/02/2004

With fotolog`s latest "good news”, I am willing to go one more round with this BS. As noted, with each improvement the system gets worse. I only hope the "good news" doesn`t mean the next time I log in, fotolog will be gone.It is a sad time around here. Too many good people are pulling back and some are leaving forever. All this is counter to the spontaneous spirit that became fotolog. This moment will either be its last gasp or part of its growing pains. We will see.

Avatar trst2

Trst2 On 31/01/2004

I will miss you too Ronni

Avatar colorstalker

Colorstalker On 31/01/2004

This is distressing. I`m struggling with the same issues. Spending less & less time here. I just shut down & do something else. At least it is forcing me to (re)discover the tasks & pleasures with which I used to fill my leisure time (e.g. reading).For me the sticking place is that I have no comparable place to share my photography -- which I have never stopped, never been able to stop doing. If there were one, I`d be gone in an instant.

Avatar artofgold

Artofgold On 31/01/2004

Ronni,I can understand your frustration with Fotolog and its ever increasing technical problems. What was once a delightful place to view inspirational images and meet some terrific people has become one of the most frustrating daily rituals I`ve recently encountered. I have just viewed Jim`s (shutter451) departure notice and now yours and am saddened by both.Hopefully, the Fotolog admins. will eventually wake up and realize the loss of inspirational members to this community and finally resolve the problems.Take care,Sunny

Avatar ronni

Ronni On 31/01/2004

I am past counting how many tries it took me over two days to post this.


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