Avatar shutter451

Shutter451 On 27/01/2004

Hmmmm...is it real or is it Memorex? Goes to that whole "what is photography?" discussion that av started. It`s real...and it`s not. A person could go crazy thinking about it.The "family reunion" went spectacularly, by the way. Mutual love at first sight. I`ll write about it when I have some more time. Thanks so much for the note.

Avatar trst2

Trst2 On 20/01/2004

thank you ronni for your comment on Kalevala (01/03). I have had a busy time at work, but now I hope will get more time for taking pictures. Probably I have to walk around and let the feeling decide about the pictures – perhaps there will be some new. Cheers.

Avatar apt615

Apt615 On 19/01/2004

"To look: at everything which overflows the outline, the contour, the category, the name of what is... looking is submitting the sense of sight to the experience of interdependence..."on visibility by john berger [1977]

Avatar einstein2

Einstein2 On 19/01/2004

its a tree its a photo its art : - )

Avatar boogers

Boogers On 18/01/2004

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