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Every one of your expressions of disappointment (on the previous image) at the ending of my fotolog are so gratifying to read, but you misunderstand. I said I would not be posting “for awhile” to give myself some time to consider what I’ve learned (or not) from organizing my pictorial past and from your quite frequently perceptive comments.

One of the places this has led me is to re-read John Berger’s brilliant essay, “Uses of Photography,” written in 1978 in response to Susan Sontag’s controversial 1977 book, “On Photography.”

Now and again, I am going to post here some quotes from Berger’s essay and, perhaps, Sontag’s book. So many of you, whatever your daytime occupations, are talented, intelligent photographers who have probably considered some of these ideas and although the fotolog comment column is hardly the place for extended dialogue, it would be interesting to read what your thoughts might be – even if they are made on the fly.

And yes – the quotes are out of context, but no more so than photographs which, by their nature, cannot but be.

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Avatar bytefactory

Bytefactory On 23/01/2004

very deep qoute ronni. another ineresting point is how music, and scent - can also stir up memories. being a dj since i was 13 - i have a huge collection of lp`s and when i hear an old song - it brings me right back to my teen age years. i think the reason i enjoy photography so much now is because when i was growing up - my father never let me take pictures. i guess because the film was to expensive. it`s funny how life all works out.take care - hope all is well.gil

Avatar hillspan

Hillspan On 09/01/2004

Read John Tagg.

Avatar daily_stuff

Daily_stuff On 08/01/2004

yeah! great thought! in the past, people donŽt show photographs to each other, they tell the stories.. as nowadays we share photographs retelling their story. in the past, the only proof of a moment was its impression on somebodyŽs memory.. as time was passing by.. the impression changes, as memory fades.. itŽs not good, itŽs not bad.. tecnology makes memories more accurate. ~:-)

Avatar sylvia

Sylvia On 08/01/2004

I`ve found your fotolog as you are backing off to think ... at first I was disappointed but it gives me a different perspective. I plan to amble through your archives as you post the thoughts you are gaining from your readings; I think it will be very interesting.

Avatar jkh_22

Jkh_22 On 08/01/2004

on second thought, maybe they are flawed in the same way! or rather, NOT flawed in the same way, depending on what your definition of "flawed" is. maybe just time for another cup of coffee...and someone else`s point of view!

Avatar lth

Lth On 07/01/2004


Avatar jkh_22

Jkh_22 On 07/01/2004

yes, differently flawed, if you consider memory is constantly being revised - and a photograph is fixed in time. yet a photograph, over time, changes as our perceptions change... or what we thought of as innovative and cutting edge in photography at onetime (technically or conceptually) becomes passe...and then perhaps romanticized. or not. anyway, yes, many layers!! just on the fly...and looking forward to what dialogue may take place here...yes indeed, very much so.

Avatar ribena

Ribena On 07/01/2004

Yes: but memory and photography are flawed in different ways, aren`t they? (I want to say "become flawed" instead--that seems more accurate, on both scores.) (So many layers to be argued and clarified there, but I`ll just leave it at that for the moment...)


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