1st Jan 2004

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    1. Ronni Self-Portrait [December 2003] After a snapshot journey that covers more than a hundred years, I have arrived at the present time just as a new year begins. If I had my druthers, this final photo would have been shot by einstein [ http://www.fotolog.net/einstein ] whose extraordinary black-and-white portraits (which he insists are simple snaps) seem to penetrate to the souls of the people he shoots. Alas, einstein is in Edinburgh and I am in New York, so I am stuck with my inadequate camera skills. It’s been quite a trip, this fotolog. I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know about myself, my family, my friends – and I’m am pleased to have made some new friends here. I’ve also learned a lot about our world and about life and about living from all of you while being astonished every day by the amazing images you create and the stories you tell. I’m going to take a rest from fotolog for a while to ponder on and adjust to some of the new and different understandings I’ve come to. I’ll still be lurking around, checking in with you all, leaving comments when the poor functionality of fotolog allows. I just won’t be posting anything for a while. Thank you, all of you, for the extraordinary windows and points of view on so many worlds, and for your many insightful, funny and kind comments here. MANY GOOD WISHES TO EVERYONE FOR A HEALTHY AND HAPPY 2004.

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