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Ronni [2002]
I am not nearly as glamourous (in fact, not glamorous at all) as this photo makes it seem, but it’s a terrific photo nonetheless by my colleague and fellow fotologger, hop. [ <A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/hop/?photo_id=98253" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/hop/?photo_id=98253</A> ]

On December 29 2003 3 Views

Avatar johnnyphoto

Johnnyphoto On 31/12/2003

great shot, very dramatic.....like a film still

Avatar bytefactory

Bytefactory On 31/12/2003

i love it ronni - great foto

Avatar marcelvangunst

Marcelvangunst On 30/12/2003

I like this portrait and that nice reflection!

Avatar cyberjunkie

Cyberjunkie On 29/12/2003

awesome.. :)

Avatar trst2

Trst2 On 29/12/2003

the modern way of living

Avatar jkh_22

Jkh_22 On 29/12/2003

ronni does glam, lauratitian in a long green man`s shirt...what next?! ;)

Avatar av_producer

Av_producer On 29/12/2003

Glamour is a lifestyle, at least I read that over someone`s shoulder in Cosmo on the subway. If that is true, then you are a glamour queen! Wondering what comes next for you out here as you get to be current in your life ...


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