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Neil’s Sideboard [2003]
There is in my living room an odd-sized cubby, a setback in the wall that is 14 inches deep at one end and 22 inches deep at the other. For years, I had wanted to have a sideboard made to would exactly fit, and on a not-entirely-sober, music-listening evening a couple of years ago, Heather and I measured the whole thing - every possible length, width and depth - and sketched out a design. We gave it to her father, Neil, who is a master woodworker and a few months later, he showed up at my door with this.

We held our collective breath while sliding the sideboard into the cubby hoping against hope that Heather and I had not been too far gone that night when we measured. As you can see, we did just fine and Neil did even better in creating this.

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Avatar binky

Binky On 29/12/2003

looks smashing..

Avatar williambernthal

Williambernthal On 28/12/2003

Very nice! I`ve found I can be pretty far gone and still make a good measurement too. Do people who teach pigs to sing come to regret it? You`ve got me wondering.


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