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Jettie [2002]
With all three Thompson kids shepherded through college and making their way in in the world, the family thought it was a terrific time to give Dad a puppy. Jettie is a bit more than a year old now, responds to about 20 or 30 English words, loves to ride in Neil’s restored, 1941 Chevy pickup and there is no doubt whose dog she is. The rest of us are nice enough, she thinks, but Neil is the dog god.

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Avatar hillspan

Hillspan On 28/12/2003

What is her native language?

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Roomwithaview On 27/12/2003

There is nothing like the devotion of a Lab. Jettie looks very sweet tempered and bright. Nice portrait of her. Ronni, you will have to wait till the very end of the stroll down bar street, there we will see the Egyptian motifs. but there are many bars in between.

Avatar celt_dog

Celt_dog On 27/12/2003

what a nice pup!


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