Avatar irondois

Irondois On 24/04/2011

nice brother...

Avatar onkruid

Onkruid On 21/04/2011

mooi gedaan

Avatar lalafafa

Lalafafa On 15/04/2011

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Avatar hacrone

Hacrone On 13/04/2011

Very crazy man !

Avatar awk_clan

Awk_clan On 05/04/2011

exelente exprcion

Avatar kief_tew_fq

Kief_tew_fq On 04/04/2011

sin palabras se ve la accion!!!!!!!!

Avatar mimo0osa

Mimo0osa On 01/04/2011

Hi guy I have some pics of your work in Mexico
very good when you want the shipping

Avatar x_liilaa

X_liilaa On 27/03/2011

tus dibujos son de lo mejor que eh visto c: muy lindos de verdad idolo, me encantan hace mas de un año que tengo este fotolog y me encanta ver las imágenes, tus creaciones :D

Default Avatar

564900531 On 26/03/2011

Hi Roa
I love the hawk image with the mouse bones you painted in Peckham, London. I see it everyday going to work. I'm a graphic designer and would love a print, do you sell them?

Default Avatar

1040916855 On 24/03/2011


Already seen this clip?:-)

Big up!!


Avatar philip1

Philip1 On 22/03/2011

amor :$ si qeres agregame
al face qe deje en mi flog:$


Avatar nes_menda

Nes_menda On 19/03/2011

great, fantastic, excellent.. puff. incredible.

Avatar www_dozey_de

Www_dozey_de On 19/03/2011


Avatar mauromero

Mauromero On 16/03/2011

when are you coming to LA?

Avatar sonar_1

Sonar_1 On 16/03/2011


video, serk e sonar

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