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"The Gates"
Central Park, NYC

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On March 04 2005 31 Views

Avatar regrazero

Regrazero On 01/01/2007

cool pic, do you know my rock band? regra zero, from Brazil. Come on and listen to the music :) let me know how it sounds to you.

Avatar marcelvangunst

Marcelvangunst On 23/10/2006

Hi dear Pete!I hope you're fine!Best wishes and Hugs from The Netherlands!Mas

Avatar littledutchbear

Littledutchbear On 17/04/2005

BEAR says: "I do miss you, dear Pete! Mas too!!!"

Avatar eyoalha

Eyoalha On 14/04/2005


Avatar raphaelfb

Raphaelfb On 14/04/2005

he is very pretty. I adored the photo!!!!!!! thanks for beautiful photo.C y a xD

Avatar madmaxnyc

Madmaxnyc On 09/04/2005

Gorgeous shot

Avatar kavto

Kavto On 07/04/2005

nic pic, regards

Avatar shuggy

Shuggy On 07/04/2005

<A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/shuggy/?pid=10119136" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/shuggy/?pid=10119136</A>:-)

Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 06/04/2005

Man, I love that light....

Avatar michale

Michale On 29/03/2005

so weird, i was just thinking of you. realized i hadn`t seen you post in awhile. hope all`s well. flog sucks lately. again. arg.

Avatar madmaxnyc

Madmaxnyc On 29/03/2005

I second that.... where are you?

Avatar shuggy

Shuggy On 23/03/2005

where are you??????????

Avatar littledutchbear

Littledutchbear On 21/03/2005

CROSSPOSTING!!!!! ;^)That`s funny!

Avatar marcelvangunst

Marcelvangunst On 20/03/2005

the meetup:<A HREF="http://www.marcelvangunst.net/photography/fotolog_meetup_zwillbrock/index.html" TARGET=_top>http://www.marcelvangunst.net/photography/fotolog_meetup_zwillbrock/index.html</A>

Avatar littledutchbear

Littledutchbear On 14/03/2005

BEAR and MarceL share a part of this great project! THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, such a lovely gesture!!! BEAR will come back on his nice present at his flog soon!

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