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Imagine a world where money and power wont be necessary,a world where people will not be subjected to hard labor in construction sites in order to get money ,a world where human will unleash their divine potential and get all that they want,a new world where human enslavement in form of mythical religions will be a thing of the past .If this is what you want type "HAIL N.W.O"Are you a pastor, politician, business man or woman, are you a musician or an artist, do you want to be famous or you want to become rich or powerful, is better you become a member of the Illuminati and make your dream come through, this is the chance for you now to become a member of the temple and get what you seek from us, if you are ready to become a member and realize your dream then email us on [email protected] or our Google page as king Solomon illuminati lodge and king Solomon illuminati club we don't drink blood we don't do human sacrifice you call us through this contact: on : +2734683546 / +27838823497

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