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The sky keeps staring at me,
frozen in the tracks,
nothing else to see,...

And when I move my face left,
you're always standing there,
a shadow I can't see...

And even then I can't trace,
you're walking away.

I put my ears to the ground,
always pushing down,
nothing I can hear...

I found the worst half in me,
I'm cut off at the knees,
can't even take a stand...

Against your words and beliefs,
we didn't want to freeze.

All of the years
Leaving me here,
I don't want to say it all again,
The pain,
Losing my aim
I never seem to see,
And why?
Do I always feel it all the same.
And why haven't we changed?
Story to blame?
The blisters in my eyes,

A guide that has only led me stray,
all of my wrongs,
you know it's wrong,
and even as I limp,
you smile.

The cold keeps tearing at me,
slowing down my blood,
unable to speak,
i left my mind long ago...

Choosing something false,
always letting go,
and when I try to face you,
you're walking away.

All of the years
leaving me here,
I don't want to say it all again,
The pain,
Losing my aim,
I never seem to see,
And why?...

Do I always feel it all the same.
and why haven't we changed?
story to blame?...
the blisters in my eyes...

A guide that has only led me stray,
all of my wrongs,
you know it's wrong,
and even as I limp,
You smile.

Grizzly Bear

Pocas ciudades tan limpias y tan brillantes como Valencia he conocido... como si todo permaneciera relativamente nuevo, bello, impecable... verdaderamente una ciudad elegante y encantadora...

Un abrazo fuerte, atte:

Su Amigo



On March 21 2013 at Valencia, Valenciana, Spain 13 Views

Digital camera : Cannon / PowerShot SX20 IS 12.1mp

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Hiszul On 05/04/2013

Y visite Valencia gace años antes de que se hiciera el museo de ciencias, pero vamos, no lo recuerdo muy alla y los que la visitaron recientemente, no les quedaron con ganas de vivir alli, gustos para todos los colores

Avatar stonegraphix

Stonegraphix On 05/04/2013

like a nose


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