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Joshrevelman On 09/11/2012

Lyrics: Roots Manuva - Evil Rabbit

The devil tried to take my home, The devil tried to take my...uh, I take your town, I take your town, I take your town, With the miracle key, Work on who...

Verse 1:
Who takes that, Uncle Fiffel ickin
Sickin the cerebral, tongues stay terrible,
Tune in for goons, spoon full of pepper, Art step steps to the better,
We gain knowledge of this culture, ever so sturdy, Superbly souped up, Journeyed in my gut backtrackin down spies in the silent night, All might be calm, but is far from holy

Ive take your town, with the miracle key, To go up on the one they call ... Evil Rabbit, With the evil we have

Verse 2:
He find them work with fallen angel, we don`t really to dig that,
We be freedom fighter, fightin for the people,
Getting love from the crough-necks to crough-max to crusties, Decent people keep decent friends,
Broadcast manouvers on my rebel FM, Subversive movement, bringin improvement,
To my surroundins grounded in the faith,
rugged Manuva got squallered the hills

I feign your town, with the miracle key,

Two sides to the penny, two sides to the bread,
Two sides to the biscuit, ten sides to my head,
I`m every man, I`m every cause, I`m every whim,
Concoction of cocktails, scotch, rum 'n gin,
I hate this world so much I`m shittin out love,
I`m healthly, I`m workin out in the pub, These eyes, they show the lies, they show the truth,
I swear I was Jesus but I don`t have the proof

I take you

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Joyadu345 On 30/06/2012

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