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"The verse and poems created and written in French by Petite Poupée 7.Petite Poupée 7, 27 years old, she has created a series of drawings and paintings to illustrate "l'amour est divin" (love is divine), which reflect on the naivete of our feelings of love. A sensitive artist who appreciates street life, is suggesting that we have a more romantic attitude, light and affectionate in relationship to our lives and to the world.Delicate and yet sure, Petite Poupée7 has constructed these personalities, creating their body in the form of a heart. As if they only have the part of the body that loves and understands. Sometimes pure red, sometimes black and white with a few touches of yellow and green and blue influenced by the *bagages* of France acquired at the university of style as was Petite Poupée 7's name, which was inspired by these dolls, because it is their own self portrait." por Maria Rezende (poesia linda da Maria da Poesia) "Pequenas bonecas cheias de atitude são as mulheres de Petite Poupée7. Aos berros de cor nos muros ou sussurrando seus segredos em pequeníssimas telas, elas carregam a fartura do feminino, suas angústias, seu ridículo, sua beleza. Belas como porradas. E doces. Sutis no exagero de suas formas, são violões à última potência.Tem cor, tem som, tem cheiro e gosto as bonecas de Dani. Exalam seus nomes no anonimato das paredes, e existem por si sós. São muitas e uma, as petites poupées de Petite Poupée7."

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