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update @ ИΣW ĦØΛΛΣϟ ŁØϟ† :
2 new galleries + 3 new videos
abandoned log-drafting tunnels, from different periods of time. during the construction of the product-pathways the wells above have been destroyed and the wooden church burned down accidentialy. (new video)
expo2000: spain. architecture with a very short period of being "useful", now floating in space between being demolished, burned down or rented to artists or other sectors of the cheap entertainment industry. stranded in the elevated limbo of the crawlspace in the ceiling we could hear the bassfrequencies of the club on the neighbouring lot.
expo2000: the netherlands. dead wood simulation in the 3rd floor and a lively ant population in the machineroom for the elevators, could be found in this windy building. we never found out if it finally became a shrimp farm, but most likely not.

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  • spotspotting


    This group is about dead zones all over the world.
    The goal is to have nice pics of abandonned places to make graffiti writers dream (and other people too!)

  • sadsadbuildings


    page in homage to the abandoned building that never will serve as housing, blocks of concrete abandoned by the bankruptcy or defective planning of who conceived it.pagina em homenagem aos prédios abandonados que nunca servirão como moradia, blocos de concreto abandonados pela falência ou planejamento falho de quem o concebeu

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