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Little Brown Spots r indeed baby black widows -males&females-

I raised them in plastic 1-2 quart soda bottles. I used thin tweezers and thin wooden dales to move them and separate them on a periodical table. I fed them mostly pear nectar, animal fluids (from animals I trapped and hunted on a regular basis from-rabbits to lizards) and baby gnats when they would come about.

I kept these spiders in a private camper outback and never told a sole about what I was doing until the University of Provo Utah didn't need to make medicine and vaccine medicine out of the poison.

Most of the time.... one spider could produce a milligram of poison every three weeks.

Most of them in the end were released by myself with the help of lab students in areas man isn't known to relate with such an area. Yes! The bites are seriously and highly dangerous to mostly unhealthy individuals, and can be fatal within three days to two weeks. If you are ever bitten by one.

My patience is stronger than most people show and so I can be very delicate with handling most dangerous creatures on the planet earth.

I've even used venomous snakes to spread paint on canvas and paper plates with ease and the help of my bare-handed guidance that most people would refuse to do on their own. They made some great splash abstracts where scaly prints were visible.

I handle live tiny spiders by bare hands when needed -without injuring them. I have even carried brown recluse by hand and it usually doesn't matter what it is if I need to remove it from my campsite and tent.

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