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I'm tired of being surrounded by this kind of situations where everything is ALWAYS aleatory and nothing is ever planned. Where all of the sudden I'm trapped in a bunch of lies and creepy faces and screams and bad words and where everyone is cold as fuck. But I'm just wondering, how come I'm very frequently the one to blame? If I'm in the same position as you, I'm stressed too, I'm sad sometimes too and I'm worried maybe even more than you too. I'm scared, you people come to me askin for help and I always say yes, even though you've failed me many times in the past, and then you go and I stay there alone thinkin of how selfish and blind you are. But I can tell you clear and concise that I need your help more, I'm craving it. I'm thirsty for attention and soft words and patience; because I know I'm wrong most of the times and I know that I get annoyed really easy, but I've never had bad intentions and all I ever did was try to be better, to grow up and become a major part in the society so I could have a chance to change what's been wrong for so many years. Just help me sometimes. And don't secretly blame me when I'm down to the ground.

On June 28 2015 at Fahrbinde, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany 26 Views

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    Seguro que muchos de vosotros habéis oído hablar de Mi Pequeño Pony. Ese juguete con forma de caballito que se caracterizaba por sus colores tanto de cuerpo como del pelo. ¿¿Y te has preguntado alguna vez si existía una comunidad o foro de personas que coleccionaban ese juguete?? Pues has llegado al lugar idóneo para encontrar la respuesta a esta pregunta.

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