Avatar mbayard

pinhole photo in coney island shot with a 5x7 box of photo paper .....paper neg.

On April 07 2007 30 Views

Avatar luzz9

Luzz9 On 09/04/2007

oui mais c'est pas Ny, c'est Buenos Aires :) ciao

Avatar luzz9

Luzz9 On 08/04/2007

i love that one, looks like an old photograph

Avatar elizalice

Elizalice On 08/04/2007

Great that you are back, very beautiful this one, so poectic, atmospheric.....

Avatar elnegrofly

Elnegrofly On 08/04/2007

esta filete la foto...yo igual e sakado kon estenopeica..ke resista y viva el blanco y negro

Avatar pinholecamera47

Pinholecamera47 On 08/04/2007

Hey Mickey! Great shot with movement in the sky. Nothing that cool in the midwest just lots of smaller windmills that used to pump water on the farms.

Avatar yo_argo

Yo_argo On 08/04/2007


Avatar rodperez

Rodperez On 08/04/2007


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