Avatar mbayard

self...pinhole with diposable camera.

On May 22 2006 15 Views

Avatar lakresta

Lakresta On 18/08/2006

you look like the great mesias on that picture!jaja

Avatar lakresta

Lakresta On 18/08/2006

hey men great work!keep on like that...

Avatar ndouvid

Ndouvid On 30/06/2006

hi!love your work for years.

Avatar kj_djx

Kj_djx On 23/06/2006

this fotolog is very good!!jejejeo algo asi!!!desde chile una nueva seguidora...esta muy bueno el log!!

Avatar photobag

Photobag On 06/06/2006

fantastic!so mysterious!

Avatar yo_argo

Yo_argo On 25/05/2006


Avatar tomatopix

Tomatopix On 23/05/2006

I love all your pictures, but those two last ones are really terrific.

Avatar rodperez

Rodperez On 22/05/2006


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    agx: silver halide - this group dedicated to black and white film-based photography. (no digital conversions please, we do notice...) agx: halide de plata - este grupo dedicado a fotografia de pelicula blanco y negro. (no cambiar fotos digitales por favor, la notamos).

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    This is a group log to show pictures made with pinhole cameras.
    Feel free to upload your pinhole pictures. Photos and descriptions of your cameras are also welcome.

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