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From the movie « River of No Return » { Off Set }

[ 1953 ]

« She wasn’t dumb at all {...} She was smart - and very well-read. She read all the time, trying to educate herself. But she was fragile. She didn’t have the strength that someone gets if they have a loving mother and father. She was knocked around in foster homes, and she just didn’t have any psychological solidity. »


ATENÇÃO: O meu computador avariou, eu fui obrigada a formatar. Perdi TODAS as fotografias. Sim, eu disse TODAS. Start it all over....

1950's Cinema Marilyn Monroe Off Set River of No Return

On June 18 2013 at United States 173 Views

Avatar sandylaehjunior

Sandylaehjunior On 18/06/2013

Linda ;)

Avatar reddauug

Reddauug On 18/06/2013

funny ;O) I found some old magazines back in 1995, in an old dump site in where the last persons to drop anything off apparently was around 1955. there was a few star magazines included. but erosion had gotten the worse of them. but I managed to cut out a few pictures and they are so thin that the paper has to be dissolving. so they r not worth selling. some major b&w's were in them. plus im not really a star-buff. i don't watch any tv anmd just see a movie once in a great while -due to the dangers that shows put out.
-fulgurite man-aaa-

Avatar abeautifulorgasm

Abeautifulorgasm On 18/06/2013

Dios mío, qué guapa!

Avatar dream_of_girls_

Dream_of_girls_ On 18/06/2013

Que droga hein! Eu tb tive que formatar o meu, ele pegou vírus e ainda por cima destruiu o meu som e a minha rede wi-fi. Conclusão, to sem música no pc e usando cabo para conectar a internet. Ainda bem que eu tenho tablet :)
Essa foto ta linda! Esse índio é verdadeiro ou é ator? rs
Bjo amore *-*

Avatar vash17

Vash17 On 18/06/2013

Hola! Buenos dias!!
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Tu opinión me ayudará muchísimo, Gracias.

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