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[ Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 1951 ]

« She { Marilyn } was very sweet and very quiet, very soft spoken and very friendly. She was lovely {...} I just remember her being so demure and just a very sweet person. She treated me nicely, too. »


Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Roosevelt Pin Up Vintage Memories 1950's

On May 22 2013 at United States 121 Views

Avatar interlude

Interlude On 23/05/2013

Sua alma lhe conferia um ótima fotogenia!

Sim, a série sobre o The Doors está em andamento.
Aguarde... ;)


Avatar dream_of_girls_

Dream_of_girls_ On 22/05/2013

Sempre sexy até simples!
Adorei o salto :)

Avatar sandylaehjunior

Sandylaehjunior On 22/05/2013

linda !

Avatar santiki

Santiki On 22/05/2013

¡Encantadoramente encantadora!

Avatar bardot_covers

Bardot_covers On 22/05/2013

tan hermosa siempre, es un placer mirar a Marilyn! ♥
cariños, Helena, un abrazo!

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