Avatar magamu

Fotolog absolutely sucks!

Not only the fotolog team did all the changes without any announcing. They produced the absolutely mess here.

I cannot login with my normal account since over one month!

All my comments are gone!

My second account has completely vanished.

I am very, very disappointed.

To all my dear friends - can we meet somewhere else?

On February 28 2012 at Kufstein, Tirol, Austria 763 Views

Avatar doristamba

Doristamba On 29/09/2013

Hallo mijn liefste, hoe gaat het? ik ben miss Doris tamba, zal ik willen dat we een goede relatie te houden met echte liefde, neem dan contact met mij op via mijn e-mailadres zodat ik zal u vertellen over mij en stuur je mijn foto's [email protected]

Hello my dearest, how are you doing? i am miss Doris tamba, i will like us to hold a good relationship with real love, please contact me through my email address so that i will tell you about me and send you my pictures [email protected]

Avatar dibabittersweet

Dibabittersweet On 09/01/2013

i was also frustrated when i first realized what happened here.. but now it's getting better, comments are back, ff's are organised.. well, if you ever come back, fotolog misses you ;)

Avatar your_star_always

Your_star_always On 11/08/2012

Día gris en la ciudad! Que mejor que quedarte en casa escuchando buena música y con la mejor compañia por donde? por www.sinfronteras.listen2myradio.com

Avatar apaxionadaclaudi

Apaxionadaclaudi On 06/08/2012

Tu, mi ángel predilecto
te escribo sin fronteras
cuidemos de los dos
para que florezcan las estrellas.

Avatar mograna

Mograna On 25/04/2012

Hi there. Yes, I'm still around but not very active. Have you moved to Flickr? I've no account there and I'm not sure about starting but give me yours to be in touch. Hope everything's OK

Avatar t_m_m_

T_m_m_ On 17/04/2012

I agree totaly about new fotolog, hate the new version, lost all my links and other things...
and worse, we do not have a choice to use the old style...

Avatar gerrie

Gerrie On 31/03/2012

Herzliche Grüsse aus Tirol! Danke schön!

Avatar glaciergirl1

Glaciergirl1 On 04/03/2012

I hope you can find me on Flickr! I am glaciergirl there too!

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 04/03/2012

no hearts for fotolog !

several fotolog people are moving on to flickr, excellent photo quality there.

Avatar hatebreeder7

Hatebreeder7 On 01/03/2012

yes, it is!
I did not like it al first, but then I got used to it. That's how life is...

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 01/03/2012

hearts survive everything :)

Avatar geogblog

Geogblog On 29/02/2012

To make matters worse, Fotolog has added a tag, caption and comments censorship system, which rejects certain words associated with political activity.

Avatar hatebreeder7

Hatebreeder7 On 29/02/2012

the same thing happened to me... I had to conctact fotolog to get back my password and all my comments disappeared :(


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