7th Aug 2009

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    1. yeeeahh(2 horas pensando ke poner dps del "yeah") Fotoo del ensayo dell mm Miercoles! Increible, para mañana, en menos de 1 semana habremos ensayado 3 veces! jkajaj y en la misma sala :P no tan good pero con buena onda xD En feen, solo keria renovar x) dejo letra de la song mas dichosa del momento(?) [b]She's Nubs - NOFX It's kinda hard to wear high heels, or slip on banana peels How does she get in and out of tubs I hope she dont get mad, I hope she thinks this song is good not bad Cause we think that she's totally rad, she's nubs. No fingers, no toes, she doesn't own elbows, No phalanges no knobby knees to knock She don't need knuckles or hands to go see punk rock bands She's always in the stands, she's nubs She can't pick up a phone, she can't get dressed alone She's got no funny bone, she's nubs No shoes for feet but we sure do think she's neat, she's nubs, she's nubs, she's nubs. I asked her if she want a drink, I asked her if she liked Toronto, I asked her to go out to the bar, but all she said was no thanks, no and no It was time for us to leave, so I grabbed and shook her sleeve and told her I'd see her at the next club she got into a pack and some guy put her on his back, she said goodbye and kinda waved her stub She's got beauitful eyes, and breasts regular size, but without calves and thighs, she's nubs It's hard to give good head or get tied to a bed, when all you've got is a body and head, she's nubs She's nubs, She's nubs, She's nubs... Oh she may not walk the walk, and she may not like to talk But boy she sure knows how to rock, she's nubs[/b] byeee x) LeANN PD: Si, tengo ke cortarme el pelo xDD

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