Avatar justinkees

Remember Me!?!?

Hey been a long time!!
Anyone remember me??

On June 24 2011 92 Views

Avatar ru2000

Ru2000 On 21/06/2012

Hello My Love,
My name is miss Ruth dickson i saw your profile today and become interested in you.i will like you to contact me through my private email (ruthdickson27@yahoo.in)so that i can send you my pictures and also tell you more about my self.this is my contact (ruthdickson27@yahoo.in)
yours lovely Ruth

Avatar jennylovea

Jennylovea On 23/05/2012

My name is jenny,
i saw your profile today at this site and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address (jenifferlove_williams@yahoo.com) so i can give you my picture and more about myself.

Avatar nolart

Nolart On 22/09/2011

hey hey hey , haven't been here for a while, but i remember you!!
wassup Justin?
how's life

Avatar lukedaduke

Lukedaduke On 28/06/2011

Hey old man!
How are you doing?
Been talking to Mike Clark last Saturday; he's too busy with his music and magazine editing.
Monkeyboy is making a career in design furniture.
Nol is still at it, As is SNUB en the rest of the English funky bunch.
Don't have contact with most of the other guys anymore.

Good to hear from you again!
Stay in contact. :-)


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