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wicked night!

Last night I wasnt even going to go out.

but somehow I just fucking did, I need to.

and then I found out, that this girl I kinda like was going to be there, I just fucking smiled instantly!
Elda saw my reaction and laughed like hell! she was really high tho.

so I arrive there. and this girl Blanca is there. drunk. this girl Blanca is really into Elda (yes, lesbian)
but somehow I don't care and decidded to go Liriums with her.
she's really glad to se me there, and she hugs me, and talks to me, says I'm good looking, and at first it felt awkward, but I didnt let that to get me shy or anything, I took the compliments, said "thank you, I know ;)"

during the night, she tried to make a move on Elda, but Elda is really into some other girl and said no.
after that B and I were lying down, my head resting on her belly and I used the Chapstick gimmick
worked like a charm, the girl gave me a little kiss, and then we just chilled.

later that night I saw her go outside, and I followed her. she oppened her car door, and I knew she was going to lay down, she was wasted, that's the truth. but being a sleasy bastard as I am, I got in too.

we litterally layed down on her big ass truck, right outside the party, started talking and I made my move.
-"would you like to kiss me"
as I moved myself slowly towards her
-"I didn't say you could"
-"well then don't"
our lips were only separated by a thin layer of air...
then we kissed, softly. but after a while she stood up, and we came

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Ivane_tdit On 14/04/2014

back to the party.

this is a strong suggestion that she didn't enjoy it that much.
but still I was lucky enough to get her on the mental state of desire and attraction.
IT can be done. I enjoyed it a lot actually, I could not go all the way, I didnt have a condom on me, so it's a good thing she called it off first.

that situation is awkward.

anyway, after that, I encountered her on the way to the bathroom, and showed her something.. look at this! i put it in front of her face, then I stole a last playful kiss out of her, left the room and cooled off.

this just needs to be worked out better, I didnt run any pattern, so I can use those next time.
It is possible people, there's a loophole in the system

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