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Mikaaelasakura On 30/04/2011

Crea una cuenta en cincco.com crea un anuncio sobre algo que quieras hacer y comenza a vender tus servicios, podes escribir articulos, traducir textos o ver que es lo que la gente necesita y ofrecer una solucion!

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Sloppy On 15/04/2011

this photo has captivated me for a few weeks irieday.


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    This is a log for the under appreciated trees of the world.
    Please upload your original tree or tree related photos only, THANKS!
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    The idea is to think of the scanner bed as your viewfinder and set up the shot...You can use food, leaves, found objects, etc. or anything else you can think of...if anyone wants to add type in Photoshop, that`s cool, I would suggest that it not detract the focus from the image itself.

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