Avatar incrediblemmm

A bird at Ishikawa Zoo

Inside an aviary where some birds can fly around freely, mostly with herons, egrits and some ducks. Not sure what species this is, but it wasn't too worried by me being near it.

On July 28 2014 at Akita, Japan 66 Views

Avatar cassieface

Cassieface On 31/07/2014

Looks like the heron like bird to the right can cast a shadow to look like it is about to take off when it is not!!!
D xxxxxxxxxxx

Avatar cassieface

Cassieface On 28/07/2014

It's a Jay. We have had them in the garden (once) but will be around in the autumn after acorns.
D xxxx

Avatar incrediblemmm

Incrediblemmm On 28/07/2014

Probably used to people coming through. The ducks were also not bothered by you, although they wouldn't let you touch them.

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