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90% of unknown malware is delivered via the web
Hass and Associates: Article Number 85258083266
A new study of malware takes an unusual approach – instead of analyzing known malware, it analyzes the unknown malware that traditional defenses miss; and finds that 90% is delivered from the web rather than via emails.
The study, The modern malware review, was undertaken by Palo Alto Networks drawing on data from more than 1000 enterprise customers that use its WildFire firewall option. Wildfire analyzes unknown files; that is, files that are neither whitelisted nor blacklisted. It is the unknown files that turned out to be unknown malware that have been analyzed: some 26,000 samples over a period of 3 months.
90% of the undetected malware is delivered via web browsing, implying that traditional AV is better at detecting email-borne viruses. In fact, it takes AV companies four times as long to detect web malware as it does to detect email malware (20 days rather than 5 days).




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Dol1lbabyzs On 15/05/2013

Do not make the internet hold responsible rather teach the young ones to use internet technology in a more responsible way. It has become really helpful for us.


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