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We've been apart a long time, it feels like years
the memories bring tears
good times, I think of all the good times
to keep my sanity 'til I get home
I know it's not how we planned it, it's crazy world out there
just hold on to the world we share
I'll only be lonely for you
I'll only be lonely for you
remember as life goes by, what we have will never die
I'll always be waiting there for you
how long, it doesn't matter how long
cause time can never take you from my soul - no
good friends are hard to find - believe me it's true
I'll only be lonely for you

Por un lado sé que debo arrancarte de mi corazón por tantas cosas que han pasado. Pero por otro lado, quisiera ser el motivo de tus sonrisas, así como pasó algún día. Sé que no piensas lo mismo, pero no sé por qué sigo aquí aferrada a una esperanza que no sé si valdrá la pena.

Pero aquí estoy. Me extañarás el día que me vaya.

Won't look back,
When I say goodbye.
I'm gonna leave this a hole behind me,
Gonna take what's mine tonight.
Because every wasted day becomes a wasted chance.
You're gonna wake up feeling sorry,
Because life wont wait,
I guess it's up to you.

No, we're not gonna waste another moment in this town.
And we won't come back your world is calling out.
We'll leave the past in the past,
Gonna find the future.
If misery loves company well,
So long, you'll miss me when I'm gone.


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