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Well this is not your fault, but if I'm without you.. then I will feel so small and if you have to go always know that you shine brighter than anyone does.

Hayley Williams

On October 31 2013 at Tennessee, United States 356 Views

Avatar awesome_sweet

Awesome_sweet On 01/11/2013

Brighter <3333
Dios flashazo ahhhhh Hayley me hace querer ser lesbiana a veces jajaja es demasiado hermosa, mu girl crush awwww divinaaa <33

Avatar breathedemi

Breathedemi On 31/10/2013

hermosa hayley siempre ame su estilo y siempre lo haré!

Avatar anything_pll

Anything_pll On 31/10/2013

que linda es hayley♥ me encanta su pelo!!! "A" es el misterio de la serie!

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