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Luaceltafoto On 21/10/2014

de other day i saw a interview to the president of ecuador, amazing guy, really intelligent and prepared, he was talking about south and central america, about the mafia, the "carteles", de murdered people and the drugs.
He said that "all these problems could be solved legalizing drugs, but thats a pitty that EEUU doesnt let do that in part, and the countries doesnt see this point like a really solution.

thats life.

os resentidos: "galicia canibal"

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Elkstar On 20/10/2014


Avatar great_bronte

Great_bronte On 20/10/2014

Què està passant??

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 17/10/2014

des affiches qui crient sur les murs pour que le silence ne les ensevelissent pas....


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Hall2002 On 17/10/2014


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