Avatar tights

Tights On 29/04/2016

How fitting somehow that this is the last photo.
You are still missed.

Avatar damonannison

Damonannison On 23/02/2016


Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 30/11/2013

Remembering Cindy. Harry's said it best. Paul

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 20/11/2013

Cindy, I just wanted to say Hello. I know your spirit is looking down upon us now, and protecting all of us. see you!

Avatar jcme

Jcme On 03/08/2013

God bless you, Cindy .

Avatar jcme

Jcme On 14/06/2013

I have photographed clouds.......nice picture.

Avatar fake_fur

Fake_fur On 06/06/2013

hi cindy!!!
come come japan now!!
u can fly...

see you next life....

thank you many comments

thank you thank you thank you

Avatar tomibraum

Tomibraum On 20/03/2013

good sky

Avatar polestar

Polestar On 28/01/2013

Oh Cindy... :(
How sad news I read, when I finally "got lost" here after a long long time...
You left so early... and that makes me think...
It was a pleasure to know you during these years.
So pity, that it only happened virtually, and I was away for these couple of last years...
Also I will always remember you, your always kind comments and gorgeous photos.
Thank you.
Rest in peace...

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 17/01/2013

Cindy, Hey there Lady! Thinking of You!!!

Avatar webintro

Webintro On 07/01/2013

Happy new year.
Greetings Robert

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 25/12/2012

Merry Christmas Cindy; Rest In Peace. We'll be there before you know it!

Avatar upulagi

Upulagi On 12/11/2012

Looks like our clouds! Nice.

Avatar natilady

Natilady On 31/10/2012

Love clouds, beautiful capture!

Avatar kmdevos

Kmdevos On 25/10/2012

Thanks for your nice comments and wonderful pictures.
Bye Cindy, rest in peace.

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