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Jet Star was one of my most Favorite rides many Years Ago 1982

This is the making of another work I put up earlier under other sites of mine.

I also use another style in this work and can you see any of it here yourselves?

I created it back in 1995 and called it- "ABC Gum-Art'' It's collected from out from under restaurant and school luncheon tables - then it is fried, cooked, sculpted and painted. Made to look like hand-sculpted flowers on cards.

And I would give them out as ''funny gag-gift cards'' just to see the expression on other peoples faces.

Some just turned away to ignore me for a while and hoped I probably changed the ingredients or that I was lying about them ingredients.

Then in 1996 I would discover Utahan fulgurites. Latin name for Lightning Bolts. And get a strong amount of attention and sales after I helped them pickup in sales all over the world. With metaphysical and spiritual praises and wording I would get to selling over 7k lightning bar seed sickles.

Before that. Only less than five would sell a week for everyone that offered them here on line and elsewhere.

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