Avatar phildard

Phildard On 23/09/2017

Il va se faire une tendinite panda avec tout ça...

Avatar phildard

Phildard On 23/09/2017

Elle a de quoi s'époumoner celle-ci.......

Avatar valdas

Valdas On 22/09/2017

Où as-tu déniché cette beauté?

T'as de la chance, hein!!!

Bon week end

Avatar kangourou35

Kangourou35 On 22/09/2017

bon week end à toi aussi

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    This fotolog is dedicated to photos of pandas, whether they're eating bamboo, just being cute or killing people.

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    This group is about dead zones all over the world.
    The goal is to have nice pics of abandonned places to make graffiti writers dream (and other people too!)

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