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Anyone Recognize her "*?*" ***** This could be You *****

Art I produced on my own since I received a digital-paintbrush analog system from China with the help of their engineers and quick-wits to help me organize my artwork different than anyone anywhere else.
If you come across my photos on the internet, note: the correlation on how the setup is located. I have help keeping my artwork up by a huge firm in California due to attacks on me since year 2005. All those who have discredited my name will be at failure by law very shortly. This firm is one of the biggest world wide for its recognition. All those interested in seeing where I'm headed or like to see more of my works, I'm building a museum of my own for flying cars of our future (along with a landing base for tourism) that want to see the basic tours of Millard County Utah.

[] Green Material is my known Galaxy Meteorite material I invented in 1994 with help of Celestial Beings. "Thank you fellows -where ever you are now"

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  • lanuevahola


    Anime (trajes de baño y bikinis)
    Moda y modelos .
    Y tambien chicas en bikini

  • corazonde_cera


    Espacio para subir las mejores y tiernas imagenes de muñecas de todo tipo
    que tuvimos en nuestra niñez .

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